Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Check In: The Power of One!

Another week done in the Power of One challenge over at the sisterhood. And although I had a good week and made good decisions and got some good minutes of running in the scale didn't show a victory. I am not surprised. Lets get the numbers over with and then I can explain.
Starting weight: 206.8
Week 1: 205.6
Week 2: 206.2
Change this week: up .6
Change for Challenge: down .6
Goal Weight: Anything in One-derland!
This has been a highly stressful week for me. More so than usual and I think all the stress has had an impact on the scale this week. I really have made good choices, actually much better than usual and I ran a lot in the last week, it just didn't want to come off this week I guess. But I know that this is just a temporary thing and than next week will be much better. I know that the stress will be gone after Friday and then hopefully all my good behavior will show up next week. I have to admit though I am glad that I got back on the treadmill and didn't give up after taking time off for the holidays. Running seems to have a somewhat therapeutic quality to it. Maybe it is just that it takes your mind of your worries but it makes me feel refreshed (sweaty and tired) when I am done and that goes a long way. It also helps me sleep better at night, and these days I will take all the help I can get!
How did you all do this week? Was the scale your friend? Good luck to you all.


  1. You're right, sometimes the scale doesn't tell us what we think it should, but it isn't everything either. Hopefully your stress will be gone soon, but in the meantime, keep using the running to help get through it.

  2. You did well! I didn't. There is a lot of stress at my house and it also impacted my frame of mind and how I handled myself last week. But this week will be better!

  3. It's crazy how good we feel after we walk or workout. I lil' rush.