Saturday, October 2, 2010

Scariest Corn Maze Ever

This morning Kris and I decided that we would join Grandma and Grandpa for a trip to a local pumpkin patch. There was a craft show and lots of activities for kids. We took my neice Abby with us and loaded in the cars. It was cold and drizzly and we quickly went through all the craft booths. I bought Kris a donut and we all started back for the vehicles. Just as we were getting back to the parking area Kris noticed the corn maze. No one else wanted to go through it so Kris took off alone. We have been to lots of corn mazes with no problem and looking at it, it looked really small so I wasn't concerned to have him go through on his own. He began running down the row and I watched waiting for him to turn to start coming back, only he didnt. I called to him to come back, but it was windy and he couldn't hear me. I took Abby and together we ran into the maze to catch up to him and bring him out. Only when we looked up, he was gone. I continued running calling him name. Nothing, no response. Ok, I thought, this just seems to be a straight path, no other paths running off from it. I could see another path through the corn rows so I decided to cut through to head Kris off, and thats when I realized that there were more paths running through it. I started to panic. I went back to my original path and began running and calling for Kris again. Abby and I ran and ran. Horrible thoughts were running through my head and I was really starting to panic. Where was my little boy? We finally came across a group of kids in the maze and I asked if they had seen him? They said he was still just a little bit ahead of us. I took off running. The rational art of my head losing to the irrational part, I watch way to many crime shows. I was panicked. Finally the maze opened up into a wide field and there, half way across the field was my little man. I yelled for him and he finally heard me. He turned and we both started running toward each other. When we reached I realized that we were both crying, ok, maybe sobbing is closer to the truth. We were both highly shaken by the experience. We walked back to the car hand in hand. We had stopped crying and I put him in the back seat to buckle up. I said good bye to my parents and climbed into the car. I looked back at Kris and he was crying again. We both thought that there should be a warning on the maze that it was for older kids. I know that corn mazes are part of the fall and Halloween, but I have never been so scared. I can bet that neither of us will go near one ever again.

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