Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shrinkvivor Check-In

Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood!

Its that time again! Time for another check in, so lets get right to it.
Starting Weight: 213.8
Week 1: 213
Week 2: 210.2
Week 3: 206.6
Week 4: 205.8
Week 5: 204.8
Week6: 203.8
Change: 1.0 lbs
Total Lost: 10.0 lbs
Holy Moly! 10 pounds! I am totally shocked. I have lost weight every single week of the challenge. It is a great feeling. I am starting to see the changes in the way my clothes fit and I feel really good. The weekends have always been the worst for me, I can't imagine how I would do if I was lucky enough to be a SAHM. But I have been working on this hurdle for a long time. Making good decisions when I don't have to think about cooking for anyone else, and when I can eat whenever I am hungry. During the week this isn't a problem, I pack my lunch and snacks and I don't have to think about it again. Weekends that all goes out the window. Until this weekend, I was more careful, more vigilant with my choices. I didn't eat whenever I wanted, I didn't eat junk because I wasn't cooking for anyone else. In fact I made a nice roast chicken this weekend. I think having a successful weekend really helped me lose this week, I didn't have to try to fix a rotten weekend, I just stayed steady. It took me a long time to learn that lesson....ahhh but there it is.
So as far as the fitness/non-fitness challenges go, I didn't do as well. I did get out and get 2 miles in. I wish I could say it was more, but I am only counting the official miles of exercise, I can't count the number of miles I put down in a day running around taking care of kids and house and husband and at the grocery store or getting the mail, if that was the case I am sure most of us would have huge numbers to report. I did stay away from the trans-fat for the most part. I know I got in more than I should have, but I was more conscious of them this week. Still doing really well with the water and getting better with the fruits and veggies. I am sure if I keep working on it someday getting all the fruits and veggies in will be second nature, until then I am trying to get them in with every meal somehow.
So how did you all do?


  1. 10lbs is amazing!!! You have done so well! Let me tell being a SAHM and doing this is so hard, the weekends even harder. I wish I did work, because then I would have other things occupying my mind instead food! You do awesome by packing your lunch!

    You had a great week!

  2. Great job! 10 pounds is so amazing and how awesome it is to be able to lose each week. Congratulations!

  3. Look at those numbers and you getting smaller and smaller each week! WOOT! You are amazing-keep up the good work!

  4. w00t! 10-lbs is awesome! Don't forget to grab a badge over at the Sisterhood, and display your 10-lbs proudly.

  5. Great job, girl!! That's a great loss! So proud of you!!

  6. Wow 10lbs is AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    great job on a successful loss every single week!