Monday, March 7, 2011

A Month to the Day

It is hard for me to believe that is was a month ago today since my last blog post. Sad really, when you think about it that for an entire month I have let things slid. Not completely of course, but somethings slid off the radar. My blog for example. I have been busy, if that accounts for anything. I was promoted at work and that has filled my days with long, hard, stressful hours in the office, only to get home and find my family in dire need of mothering. 2 kids and 1 husband who seem to be incapable of seeing how tired and stressed out I am and are looking only for someone to come and make dinner. I did take a small vacation to Las Vegas last week and I think it finally hit my family then how much I do for them. When I returned from my trip I had to go into the repair shop and pick up my truck from having the front window replaced due to a stone chip last month by a lovely road blow, anyway, when I was in there even the sweet lady that works the desk said, "Oh, honey, your family missed you." Apparently my husband was so lonely that he parked his behind at the repair shop and visited with them for something to do. Thankfully they are friends of ours so it wasn't completely bizarre behavior, but it also isn't the norm for us to stop in there just to say hello.
But like I said somethings have really fallen off the grid. Good eating habits and exercise for example seem to be no where in my life at the moment. I haven't had a free moment to stop over at the sisterhood and catch up or take part in any new challenges. I don't know how all my blog buddies are doing and I feel just disconnected and out of touch. It is time to prioritize and get back on track. With spring in the air and the sun staying in the sky longer it is giving me some renewed bounce in my step and I am ready to take on the challenge of weight loss and win. I am ready to start over and get back on the wagon and start running and working out again. Watching what I eat and hopefully losing some of this very unwanted bulge in my backside! I made a packed with my sister while on vacation that 1) we are definitely coming back to Vegas some day and 2) when we do we will both be smaller. So I figure now is as good a time as any to start.
Besides that Lent starts this week and that is always a good time to look at your life and reassess. I know that a lot of people give things up for lent, that was a traditional thought process we had growing up but I also remember learning that it wasn't just giving up things, but also taking up new things that was part of lent. (sorry if you aren't familiar with the idea of lent, just know that it is the 40 days leading to Easter that Catholics use to prepare for the resurrection) Anyway, so I figured this would be a great time to not only give up some very bad habits but also put into place some really good habits. I plan on getting back into running and my smaller jeans and get out of the all day snacking and junk food binges that have been plaguing me as of late.
I am ready to restart my journey in healthy ways and who knows I just might lose a few unwanted pounds in the process. Either way, I am back in action!

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