Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A battle of wills

I am pretty sure I married an Ogre. Not like Shrek even, where he looks fierce but inside is a prince charming, but like a real live ogre. Minus the green hue of course. My husband is a prince charming sometimes, but when the sun goes down he can become unbearable. He has a job that he can choose his own hours and every other week he chooses to work nights. It makes his job easier and he can get his job done faster, it is a win-win situation for him. It is a loss-loss for me.
First when he is working nights his sleep pattern is all messed up. Instead of getting a solid 7-8 hours of sleep he gets maybe 4 hours at most and then spends the rest of the day napping on the couch. This makes it hard to get anything done because our living room is in the center of our house and we have to tip toe around as to not wake him up. So for the week that he is on nights I am staying up later to get the housework done after he goes to work. Besides that he isn't sleeping well his attitude goes straight to hell. He is tired and grumpy and nothing anyone does is right. I have grown used to this and he does try to control his cranky mood. This week however we are both on edge.
We have this unspoken rule that only one of us gets to be cranky at a time. We broke that rule this morning. Him being tired mixed with me being stubborn has led to a not too pretty argument over our yearly vacation. I won't go into details because it was not friendly and neither of us were right but we were both stubborn. Now it is down to a battle of wills and unfortunately we are both going to loss. There is no scenario for our vacation that is going to make either of us happy and there are several scenarios that have us not vacationing together at all.
How do you solve no win situations at your house? Do you give in, or do you stick to your guns? There is no happy ending here and no matter how it works out I am going to loss, so now I need to decide which is the worse of the evils. Do I not go on my vacation or do I spend it with people that make me miserable?

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