Thursday, April 29, 2010

Misery loves company

It has been an emotionally draining week for me. I am looking forward to this weekend more than usual. I am hoping for a stress free couple of days to recharge and get back on track with things. Friday can't come fast enough. But as I am sitting at my desk thinking about all the turmoil of the past week a good friend and co-worker says to me, "you know it never gets better." Stunned I look at her and ask what she is talking about, just this morning she was positively drooling over how great her husband is, and now this.
It never gets better she says again. It is good and it is bad and I pretend alot, but it never gets better. Do you think that is really true? I hate to believe that, even for a second.
Is this really as good as it gets. I know that life, and love for that matter, are a roller coaster. So if you go down, don't you eventually have to go up again?
I am going to believe for my own sanity that it does get better. And if misery truly loves company perhaps the opposite is true as well that happiness is contagious.


  1. YES it does get better! Just remember to stop and smell the roses. If you dwell on the bad stuff that is all you will ever see.

  2. Thanks, that is really good advice! I will try to do that a little more in my life.