Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lucky he loves me...

So we have horribly slow dial up internet at our house. It is one of the draw backs to living in the country. I tend to use any other possible internet connection than the one at home. Everywhere else I go I can get faster service. My husband though is a salesman and spends the majority of his day in his truck driving around to his customers and therefore has no option but to use the dial up internet at home. Well he also likes to sit in his big comfy recliner and surf the internet while watching TV. It is beyond annoying but it keeps him happy and that is turn keeps the rest of us happy. Here is the bigger draw back, the phone cord is connected in the kitchen and he is sitting in the living room, therefore the phone cord is stretched from the kitchen through the dining room and across my living room floor. Do you see where I am going with this? I have three rooms that happen to be dead center of my house that are obstacle courses to cross for fear of tripping over the internet line. Usually I am really good about avoiding the cord, until yesterday. I was kinda frantically running through the house to get outside to go for a walk with my son and I ran through the living room and tripped on the cord and disconnected the internet. CRAP! I quickly plugged it back in, but it was too late, connection lost. My husband was pretty good about it, he complained slightly that one I should not be running through the house and two that I had my shoes on inside, but he was relatively calm about the whole thing. So I went for my walk and came home and went to the kitchen to get a drink of water when wouldn't ya know it, I tripped on that damn cord again. Well easy to say that my dear wonderful forgiving husband was beyond upset about it this time. He honestly believed that I had done that on purpose, I outwardly felt terrible for my second disconnect in an hour, but inwardly I was laughing, thinking ha! Now maybe you will upgrade our internet connection, or at the very least fix the phone outlet in the living room so that the cord doesn't drape across half the house. He finally got back to where he had been and continued to surf all the while grumbling about how I was sabotaging his nightly search for the boat of his dreams and I sat back in the chair silently giggling to myself that if I was really going to do something to purposely ruin his day that it would be a lot more fun that disconnecting his internet; that would just be the icing on the cake. And now that I think of it maybe it was.
I started out by making a really bad taco casserole recipe I found for dinner. Not that making a bad dinner is anything new at our house, the whole family is pretty sure that I am trying to poison them all. But this one was dreadful, even I couldn't talk myself into thinking it would be worth making again. Then I told him I was offered a new job, which most would think is good news, but it is farther from home, worse hours and less pay. I obviously didn't accept the position, and then I top it off with 2 disconnects. Maybe I am subconsciously trying to mess with him. Geez after last night I wonder what it will take to make tonight just as memorable? Maybe I will make him brownies to make up for last night, oh wait that would be sabotage since he is on a diet. :)
I guess I am pretty lucky he loves me.

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  1. LMAO! You are lucky he loves you or I would have to go out looking for your dead body in the woods! I doesn't get much better than this!