Friday, April 23, 2010

Lucky I love him.......

Tonight my family is starting a busy fun filled weekend. We are headed out to a local minor league baseball game this evening and tomorrow my son, Kris, and I will be heading to the zoo with some very dear friends of mine. I am pretty excited to be going to the baseball game tonight because last night started Kristopher’s summer baseball season. It really got me in the mood for sitting outside watching the game, so when I checked my email this morning and had a new email that there were still tickets for tonight’s game and that it was the mascot’s birthday I figured it must be fate. It instantly brought me back to our game night outing last year. It was the first time I had been to this ball field and we were supposed to meet friends to watch the game together. It was the start of a perfect summer evening until one of our friends got called into an emergency at work, our seats got messed up and we were not sitting together and my husband almost got hit with a foul ball. If that had been the height of our adventure I would have still called the night a success, but that my friend was just the beginning. I spent more of my time watching my son in the play area for the kids than watching the game and therefore left my husband unattended. An unattended husband who is surrounded by his friends is not a good thing. When I finally returned to him it was to find that he had more than his fair share of beer. Again not a super big deal since I was driving and I had not had a drop. So the game ended and I took my slightly inebriated husband and son out to a late dinner at a greasy spoon restaurant of my husband’s choosing. Here is where the night went straight into the toilet. After his less than healthy dinner we started for home. Me driving in the dark in an unfamiliar area, him singing away to the radio in his drunken state. Suddenly he says that he needs me to pull over. I told him I couldn’t due to traffic and he became even more insistent that I pull off the road. Thinking that he just has to relieve himself I ignore the request until I get to a more appropriate place to pull over, one where there is no other traffic. Instead of running into the woods to pee as I had been thinking he promptly throws up. Getting back into the truck to continue our ride home he looks over at me and seeing that I am more than a little annoyed he sheepishly grins and announces that he is pretty sure something he ate for dinner did not agree with him. Oh he is lucky I love him! Hopefully tonight is not a repeat performance.

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