Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Weigh In Wednesday

Oh My Gosh! I feel like a broken record this past month! Gain, gain, gain, gain. Not that I am surprised at all this week, like I said I ate and drank and ate some more all last week. So it did not come as a shock that I am up 5 pounds this week. Ick, 5 whole pounds, it kinda makes me ill. But I guess that just leaves me more motivated. The aunties kept saying all last week that you gain 10 pounds on vacation so I guess I am pleased it was only 5.
I am sad that the challenge is almost over. I am not even close to where I wanted to be when it ended and although I have 1 more week, I know that there is no way to redeem myself now. At best I might end up where I started, so that is my goal for this last week. I am not going to stop working hard even when the challenge ends, so when the next one starts I will be already on the right path.
Gary and I both want to make some changes and see some results. He is ready to work with me on losing weight so that will be nice. He is always been super supportive, but now he wants to come along for the journey so that will be better for both of us. He has high blood pressure and a big belly and I have a wide lower body so we definitely both could use some toning and weight loss to be in better shape. I am still excited and motivated to lose weight, the set backs have not pushed me off track of my goals at all, they have just showed me what doesn't work. And vacation eating doesn't work. Journaling and consistent exercise works, and knowing that helps to make the process a little easier. I am very grateful to have the sisterhood to turn to for support and encouragement, it makes every step a little easier knowing that you really aren't doing it alone. So how did you all do? Check in and let us know. And good luck next week, lets finish on a high note and make the best out of the last week!


  1. now that the vacation is behind you, you can get down to business :) a new challenge and a clean slate is just around the corner!!

  2. OK, vacation is over and now it's time to get back on the wagon- you can do it!!!!

    Lisa/Shrinking Jeans

  3. I know the weight loss roller coaster oh so well. All you can do is brush it off and move forward. Get back on track. You can do it! :)

  4. Summer can be really tough... That said, just make a "u-turn", get back on track and keep from dwelling on the gain! You can do it!