Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Blues?

Is it really possible to have the summer blues? If so I have them. Or maybe it isn't the blues as much as the "my give a damn's busted." I am in a rut. I am not sure if it is work, or home, or both, or the heat, but I just don't really want to do anything lately.
I am definitely not sad, so I guess the blues are ruled out. I am just kinda ho-hum about things these days. I guess it is just the middle of summer and all the graduation parties are over, we took our summer vacation and now we are just kinda riding on autopilot. Waiting for school to start again, Kris is more than ready, and waiting for life to get back to the school routine. I hate to wish summer to be over but I find myself thinking about football and tailgating, homecoming parades and crisp days.
I need to get over it, I need to figure out how to get excited about the beautiful weather we are having and enjoy the great outdoors. It seems like I spend my entire weekend cooking and cleaning and don't really get to enjoy any particular activity. Gary has a great idea that instead of cleaning on the weekend he wants to get it all done before the weekend so we can get out and do something. I think he might be on to something there. Lets hope that it works and that I can get back into the swing of summer before it is over.
I feel like all the things I was excited for are getting put on the back burner and I need to switch things up a bit and put the things I want to do up front. I wanted to take Kris on a bike ride and a picnic this past weekend, instead we ended up in Frankenmuth with my sister and niece. I wanted to have a bonfire on Saturday and instead we watched a movie in the house, in my defense on that though Gary wasn't home and I wasn't comfortable lighting a fire without him there. I just need to find a way to mix my want to's in with the have to's so that I can get excited about things.
I want to go camping this summer, I want to take a canoe trip, I want to spend a weekend in the UP. I want, I want, I want, now I just need to make it happen. On the bright side though, I am turning my want to of running a 5k into a reality. My training is going really well and I think I found a race that enter. I am excited about that, anyone interested in joining me here?
I guess I just need to get over whatever this is and get on with life! Trying to get in more of the things I want to do and just enjoying the fact that I can go outside without a jacket. That is saying something when you live in Michigan!

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