Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keep your fingers crossed

Some changes are coming to my life soon, I hope. I have something things on the horizon that will make my life so much better. I am afraid to talk about them for fear of jinxing them, but I just want to let everyone know to keep their fingers crossed for me.
I have been feeling kinda down lately, just little things that seem to be coming one right after another. It felt like I was slowly being beat down, but lately it seems that my perseverance has been paying off. Now little things seem to be headed my way, and maybe my luck is changing ever so slightly. I can only hope and pray that some of the good things out there come to fruition.
I am excited and happy about the future again and that is an awesome feeling. I feel like I am riding on cloud nine this past week and I am anxious and excited to see what next week will hold for me. I can finally see a light at the end of a long and miserable tunnel. I will fill you all in when, not if, but when I know more and feel secure that it is real, but in the mean time please send good thoughts my way.
And in other super great news. Kris is home. He was spending a couple weeks with his Dad for the summer and I got to pick him up last night. Oh how I missed him. I hate being away from him, but the reunion is always so sweet. We stayed up late and played together, we watched a movie and ate pizza and pretzels, we snuggled and best of all, I got to tuck him into bed and tell him how very much I love him and missed him. Love that kid. Today he is hanging with Grandma and he has called me no less than 5 times asking me to please come home cause Grandma can't figure out the new game she bought him. It is nice to get calls from him at work even if there is nothing I can do about what he wants.
Even my older son, my bonus son Billy, has been pleasant to be with lately. Him and I have a somewhat shaky relationship. We are so much alike that we butt heads sometimes, but the last few weeks have been good and last night before he left the house he said, "see ya later, love ya." And I said it back, that for us is HUGE. I just hope the good things keep coming, we have had our fair share of the not so good. Billy's beloved dog Buford was hit and killed by a car over the weekend. It was a very sad day at our house. I still tear up thinking about it, but Kris put it best that "All dogs go to heaven Mom, just like in the movie Buford got me for Christmas." I know that Kris knows that Buford didn't really pick out that movie for him, but it is a good memory for him that Buf did.
So thanks for any good thoughts and prayers you can send our way.

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