Thursday, July 22, 2010

Look what I can do!

If you recall a few weeks ago I posted that I was secretly afraid to succeed in my C25K training. That the thought of running 5 minutes at one time was daunting. I had pretty much stopped training. I was still working out, although more in a non-traditional way, i.e. mowing lawn, taking the trash to the end of the road, riding bikes with Kris. Nothing that I actually thought of as a work out. Then last week I went to visit my favorite sister (ok, so I only have one sister,but she rocks) and she gave me her treadmill. I know that my mom really wanted it, and that I beat her too it. so I made a vow to myself that I would use it, or I would have to give it up to my mom. Since I have always wanted a treadmill and since it was heavy and Gary complained every step of the way getting it into my workout room in the basement I figured I had better use it.
My plan was just to take walks on it. It is hot here in Michigan and humid and going outside is just crazy when I can more comfortably just use the treadmill. Anyway back to the plan. Walking, just walking. Remember I had pretty much let fear rule me and gave up the whole running pipe dream. I got on the treadmill, I started walking, and then I started thinking about all these great bloggers and friends that I read that run. Ok, I thought, well I could try it again, it is only a minute, if I don't like it I can stop. So I punched up the speed and ran for 90 seconds. I felt good, really good. I walked for a minute to recoup and then I punched it up again, I ran for 5 minutes. I slowed my pace to a walk and then I moved it up for another 5 minutes. I felt great, I was amazed. I felt empowered and energized, and a little worried that I would pay for that in the morning. But I continued to push myself and did 4 intervals and then a cool down. I stretched, I took a shower because oh my God did I sweat and I finished my day and went to bed. I still feel great this morning, I want to do it again. I broke through a self imposed barrier, I overcame my fear. I can do this!!

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  1. Yeah Carrie! Go dig out that C25k plan and get busy :) Seriously, I recommend following some kind of a plan, any plan, so you don't get hurt. Proud of you girl!