Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Confession Time

True Confessions

Time to confess. I have always heard that confession is good for the soul, I am hoping that is true.
*I have a 5k run on Sunday that I do not feel at all prepared for. I have slacked off at the worst possible time. I do have this week to get on track, but I wish I had another week. I contemplated skipping the whole thing, but I have definitely decided against that. I figure even if I walk the whole thing I am going to do it.
*I feel like I am living my life in avoidance mode lately. I am trying to keep myself busy with everything else than to dwell on the things that are out of my control. I am working on this one. Taking control of my life, my family, my eating.
*I am a slacker lately. Once school started it killed my schedule and it shouldn't have. I feel like I am using school as an excuse to not do things I should do, like, I don't know, RUN!
*I did not eat very well over the weekend. We were at our Cabin in the U.P. and it is really hard to eat good when everything you are cooking is over a fire. In my defense I did make squash in the fire and ate that, but I added butter. I also didn't workout very much this weekend either. Again in my defense there is no shower up there and if I get stinky and gross from a run, I am stinky and gross til I get home.
Ahhh, that did make me feel better. I feel bad about my eating and workouts because of the Shrinkvivor challenge and I feel like I am letting the Groovy Gray Chicks down. I have gotten back on track since I have been home, getting a 2.2 mile run in yesterday, but I know that my totals for the week are pathetic. I will get back on track, I will get my life in order and I will succeed in this journey to lose weight. I feel better when I get my workouts in and eat right and I know this, so I just need remember it. I feel better now, time to get a move on. I can still get a walk in on my lunch and I have a run scheduled for after dinner. Lets see what I can do in a last push for the miles.
How did you do this week? Have you confessed?

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