Tuesday, September 28, 2010

True Confession Tuesday

True Confessions

Its Tuesday again which means it is time to confess, and this week I actually did really well and my confessions are almost all good.
Lets start with the not so good.
* I did not train hard enough for my 5k on Sunday. I should have gotten in at least 1 more run before the event, but on the plus side, I ran the 5k anyway and completed it.
* Gosh, that's it for the not so good.
So the good confessions.
* I have gotten in some sort of workout minutes everyday for the Shrinkvivor challenge.
* I have gotten in lots of water everyday.
* I have NOT had fast food this week.
* I have packed my lunch everyday, I did forget to bring it with me one day, but it was packed!
* So far I have lost some weight this week, the official weigh in being tomorrow, I will not mention how much. A lot can happen overnight!
I feel really good this week. I feel powerful and successful and that is a great feeling to help spur you on to bigger and better accomplishments. I am planning another nice run for this weekend. I am going to visit my parents and they live in a nice neighborhood with sidewalks and lots of hills so I am planning to run there over the weekend. My Dad said he would plan a route for me and he would tell me when I got back how long it was. I think it will be a lot of fun. It will be a nice change of pace to run in the city than the long country roads I currently have to run on.
I did go out for a mile and a half run last night, it would have been longer but K came along on his bike and he was complaining so much about his bike not working right that I had to give into the complaints and head home to take a look at it. It drains my energy to have to deal with other things on my runs. On the bright side though I ran almost the entire time, only stopping to talk to K, and even then I was jogging in place. Lets hope I can keep this positive momentum going!

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