Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Checking In

Its check in Wednesday at the sisterhood and since the challenge is over I almost forgot. I did just randomly jump on the scale this morning and I am holding my own. I think I was up .4 lbs, but after a weekend of hot dogs and smore's I didn't think that was too bad. I also haven't gotten in much exercise in the last week. The last hurrah of summer and school starting has really thrown me for a loop. I am ready to get back to my usual schedule of workouts and get our eating back on track too. Summer is hard to get a routine going, but for some reason cooler temperatures signal that things need to get organized. I think having to get kids up for school and ready to tackle the day pushes me to be super-mom. Showers and teeth brushing and lunch packing and homework and lunch money and gas money and permission slips signed and well I think you get the idea. If I wasn't organized things would get missed and forgotten and a long day would be all that much longer when all your free time is spent trying to catch up.
I am actaully missing my workouts so I think that is a very good thing. I need to make sure not to miss too many more since my race is in 18 days and I need to train. My nephew has decided he wants to run with me so I am pretty excited about that too, of course he will leave me in the dust but it will be nice having him there. So on to bigger and better for next week when the Shrinkvivor Challenge starts. Are you signed up? I can't wait, it sounds like it is going to be alot of work and alot of fun!
So how did you do this week? Are you reved up and ready to go for next week?

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