Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Check-in Shrinkvivor

Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood!
Well it has been another successful week of the Shrinkvivor challenge. Lets get right to the numbers, shall we.
Starting Weight: 213.8
Week 1: 213
Week 2: 210.2
Change: 2.8 lbs
Total Lost: 3.6 lbs
So far so good. Every pound counts and I am feeling good about it. I haven't deprived myself or starved myself I have just been trying to be more careful about what I eat. Some days are easier than others. I also got 5 hours of workouts in this week which is 300 minutes, and lots of water everyday. Between 60-100oz a day, I only drink water after my morning coffee, so I am not always good about counting the ounces. I even stayed far away from the drive thru, which was easier than I thought it would be. I just had to plan ahead and pack my lunch, I did forget it one day and had to have Subway, but I didn't tempt myself with a footlong even though it is more cost effective I only get a 6 inch. I think my family is benefiting to, we aren't snacking like before and becasue I am eating better, so are they. All good things!
I am excited to see what next weeks challenges are it keeps things exciting.


  1. Awesome job! You are totally rockin' this challenge!

  2. YAY! That is awesome! I am at 213 as of this week, I can't wait to get to 210, you are an inspiration to me!!

  3. It's always great when the family is benefiting from our healthy habits! Congratulations on your awesome loss this week, and reaching your goals! Great job :)

  4. what a great loss! keep rocking this challenge, girl!

  5. You are kicking butt and taking names! Way to go this week :)