Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday is Close to Friday

So I know that the weekend has not started just yet, but I feel like it is Friday. For one this has been an abnormally long week. It seems to be dragging on forever. For another thing Gary is gone hunting this weekend. Now don't get me wrong I will miss him, but at the same time I love having the house to myself to do whatever I want whenever I want. Well I guess not completely because both the boys are home, but still. I have seniority so what I say goes. I love being the MOM!
Kris and I area headed to my parents house Friday night and I am more than a little looking forward to it. They are having a Marti Gras parade that I think Kris will really like. It isn't like New Orleans, it is kid/family friendly. Then Grandma and Grandpa are going to watch Kris while I meet up with some friends for a night on the town. I am secretly hoping for an early end to the night, because I have so much I want to get in this weekend I don't want to waste my time sleeping in. I never in my life thought I would feel that way, I guess I am getting old.
My Dad also wants to take us out to breakfast on Saturday and he is not one to wait around. My Dad is a breakfast conisour! He loves breakfast, which is so funny because my Dad isn't a big eater. He is one those people that need to be reminded to eat. Why could I have not gotten that gene from him?!?
Saturday Kris and I are going shopping before heading home and then Sunday we are getting ready to start the week all over again. Oh and I have runs scheduled through out the weekend. I am working on my fastest mile for the Shrinkvivor Challenge. My average in my 5K was 13:17 and I am hoping to knock some time off of that!
What are you doing fun this weekend?

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