Monday, August 23, 2010


Mid-Michigan Old gas Tractor Association. I know, it sounds so fun doesn't it?!? Well I know it might not sound fun, especially to a city girl like me, but we had a blast. Seeing as I am from the city and my husband was raised on a farm we often have a difference of option on what makes for a good time. But being the good little wife that I am I let Gary drag me to the Old Gas Tractor Show. It takes place in Oakley Michigan every year in August. Gary and his Dad take their old tractors down to display and in return get free passes for the weekend.
We headed out there Friday night just in time for the tractor pulls. Now if you are anything like me you have no idea what a tractor pull is all about. I have been watching them for a couple years now and just now figured the whole thing out, well sort of. I get the idea behind it that they are pulling a percentage of the total tractors weight in cement blocks. Even if you (or I) don't exactly get the idea it is fun to watch, people really get into cheering for their puller. We left before they were done, but mostly because we didn't know anyone pulling anymore and it was getting dark and we needed to get Kris home and in bed.
First thing Saturday though, Gary had us up and and dressed and in the truck to go back for day two. We got there before things really started to get going for the day so Kris and I decided it would be a good idea to get some breakfast. We had one of the best pancake breakfasts I have ever had, the only thing that would have been better is if Kris didn't eat my last piece of sausage. After breakfast the flea market opened up and Kris was ready to shop. We looked in all the little shops first and then I let him go back and get a few toys that he liked. He even surprised me and bought me a pretty little butterfly hair clip. After much shopping and somehow losing Gary in the crowd. Kris and I jumped on the "people mover" and took a tour of the whole show. Hundreds of old tractors, even a pink one, and lots of people, campers and displays. We finally found Gary a couple hours later and went to get something for lunch. Gary tried something called ugly fries and I tried a steak pita. We left after that, mostly because we had been there 5 hours, I was somewhat sun burnt and starting to get tired.
We had a great time this weekend though. Gary even had to go back Sunday although I decided to stay home with Kris. Billy spent the whole weekend camping at the show and he came home exhausted on Sunday. It was a lot of fun and I know that we will be back year after year. Now I just need to figure out how to get Gary to be this excited about shopping!

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