Thursday, August 5, 2010


Just a few updates. First I did C25K Wk5D2 last night. 8 minute run, 5 minute walk another 8 minute run. The first 8 minutes kinda kicked my butt, but that totally could have been because Kristopher followed me down stairs and talked the whole time, I finally had to kick him out of the room. He was less than impressed with that, but after he left and I could concentrate on not answering his never ending questions the second 8 minutes was easier. Mind you I said easier not easy. I wanted to quit at about 7 minutes but I knew that if I could do 7 minutes I could do 8 and that I would feel disappointed if I didn't push myself to finish it. I felt really good when I was done, sweaty and gross, but good.
Secondly when I was playing with the idea of doing a 5k and was searching out the internet for information and races and all that jazz I remember getting a flier in the mail from Kris' school that they were having a 5k to benefit a local teenager August 7th. That was the clincher for me. I thought hey this is the race I want to train for and it is local and this must be a sign that I can do this. So I was all set and I started training and then my sister called to tell me that the annual Juvenile Diabetes walk was the 7th at the same time. Well since my nephew has juvenile diabetes and diabetes in general runs in my family that has always been a huge cause of ours and I knew that my place needed to be in Lansing Michigan for the walk. Well life happened in the mean time and yesterday my sister emailed me to let me know that our team was not going to be doing the walk this year. So not only am I no longer walking for diabetes research I am too late to sign up for the 5k, besides the fact that I have not trained enough yet. So kinda disappointing all the way around. I have decided though that I will be getting up early Saturday morning and doing my c25k training in honor of the juvenile diabetes research foundation and I will still send my donation check in. I figure that is a good way to support both my causes, and I will definitely be at the Farm Fest this weekend where the race takes place and make a donation to that cause too seeing as though they didn't get my registration money and I like to support local causes, especially when it is for kids.
Finally, my next day of training has me running 20 minutes without walking. Yikes, this seems a little intimidating to me. Wish me luck. I know that if I set my mind to it I can do it. I just need to make sure Kris isn't talking to me when I am running, lol. Oh and that my shoes are tied tighter than last night, I spent half my run watching my shoelace to make sure it didn't come undone and trip me up.

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