Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Check In Down and Dirty Week 4

Week 4, wow that went fast. Well here is the nitty gritty.
Starting weight: 210
Week 1: 207.1
Week 2:207.1
Week 3:206
Week 4:207.6
Total Loss: 2.4 lbs
Goal for Challenge: 10 lbs
Pounds to go: 7.6
Not exactly what I would call a success, but I am going to look at it as motivation. I had a tough weekend all the way around. I mean I had a great busy fun filled weekend, but that did not translate into eating right and exercising. I ate poorly and did not get in my workouts like a know I should have. There really is no excuse I was just busy spending time with my family and I didn't want to take the time out to spend on me. I am thinking now that that was not a good decision. Not only because I let my team down, but more because I need that time for me so that I can became the best me there is. Losing weight doesn't make me a better wife or mother, but it does give me more energy to keep up with the husband and kids. And it makes me feel better and more out going when I am not worrying about what everyone else is thinking when they see me. I know they aren't thinking anything, but your worst critic is always yourself.
I know that I can do this, that I can reach my goals and be successful and that I am on the right track to get there. I just need to stick with it a little bit better when it isn't easy. I find I have a much easier time during the work week because everything is so scheduled. The weekends around our house are crazy, constantly on the go and eating what you can when you can, it is tough. Gary did say last night that he needs to get in better shape and I asked him to run with me, he wasn't exactly up for that, but I am thinking he is coming around to a healthier view on things. It is easier when he is on board and doesn't want the junk food around.
So I am feeling reinvigorated this week, lets hope it all falls into place. I am thinking that I am not going to hit my 10 pound goal, so I am shooting for 5 now. That is going to require a 2.6 lb loss this week. Still a little more that advised for a week, but I know that if I have a successful weekend it will be in the bag! Good luck sisters on making your goals this month.
On a side note: I have been doing my c25k training on my treadmill, it is just way easier to get the time in because with it being so hot out I would have to wait until late to run and it just doesn't work with my schedule. Anyway the temperatures have been cooling off so last night I decided I really need to get outside to run. It totally kicked my butt. I have run 30 solid minutes on the treadmill and 5 minutes was kicking my butt outside. Has anyone else ever had this happen? I mean I knew it wasn't going to be the same but that big of a difference really threw me for a loop. Anyone have any advise?


  1. I LOVE your attitude here. OK, fine. So you had an off weekend. You know what you have to do to fix it. And fix it you will.

    As far as running, I always feel like I run better on the treadmill than outside, but my times always say otherwise. But then, I'm not much of a runner. :)

  2. Don't be hard on yourself! And running on the treadmill is easier because you have the machine to help you along. Maybe change up the incline on your treadmill to provide more of a challenge and condition you for outside runs.

  3. Carrie, I have the same issues! I do great during the week, and the weekend hits and UH-OH! Luckily I've finally been able to reign it in because I was so tired of undoing all the good I'd done. Now when I start to get out of control, I stop and really think. I ask myself if it's really, really worth it. And most of the time, it's not. Don't get me wrong, I still indulge, and there's nothing wrong with that!

    On the treadmill running, Renee is right. If you put it at 1% incline, it's more like road running!!

    Good luck this week, girl :)

  4. It is so hard to keep on track on the weekends! I can totally relate! Great job on the running. Hang in there with the difference between the treadmill and outside... Definitely try the 1% incline, but don't discount what a difference the heat makes as well. I am worthless in the heat and know it makes a huge difference in running performance for me. Have a wonderful week to come!