Tuesday, August 10, 2010

True Confession Tuesday

True Confessions

Ok, it is time to confess. I had a rough weekend, eating wise anyway. I ended up taking Friday off of work and spending the whole day with my little Kristopher. So we went out to lunch at a Mexican buffet and we ate......a lot. If only my transgressions ended there this story would be over and not so bad, but alas it doesn't. Saturday Gary, Kris and I decided to take a quad ride. We rode down to the little family bar and Kris had a burger and fries and Gary and I split some fries and some beer. Still not awful, but then we went home, put Kris to bed and continued to have a couple more beers. Forget about getting back on track on Sunday, it was a family reunion. Hotdogs, potato salad, blackberry dessert. It was so good, but so bad for me! All in all it was not a great weekend for eating right. I didn't get any exercise in, although I did think about it a couple of times. I was just so busy enjoying my family that I was selfish and didn't want to spend anytime doing anything truly good for me. I was enjoying being with Kris and Gary and spending a weekend just being together. I could have spent my time a little better, watched a little less T.V., taken a walk, but snuggling under the covers watching a movie with Kris was so much more appealing than anything else.
But I am back at work and back on track. I am on Wk6D2 of the c25k training and actaully looking forward to the 25 minute run at the end of the week. Lets hope this weekend doesn't through me too far off at tomorrow's weigh in.

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