Sunday, August 1, 2010

Down and Dirty

Ahhhh, the challenge at the Sisterhood starts today. My challenge started this morning when I couldn't get into my regular email. So I apologize to anyone who emailed me and thinks that I am not responding. Also I have my horrible dial-up internet today and I am forced to use my husbands laptop computer, it is not my favorite keyboard, I spend more time hitting backspace than any other key lol.
Anyway I wanted to make sure I got on and blogged today so that my weigh-in would be out there for the 9:00 deadline tonight.
Starting Weight: 210
Goal: 200
Here we go down and dirty in 30. I am very excited to be starting a new challenge and also to be doing it with a team. I am one of those people that does better when other people are depending on me. Good luck to everyone, this should really be fun.
I have to run and get my shred in for the day before I get to busy with the usual Sunday cleaning, scrubbing and running around. Good Luck Everyone


  1. having like minded people surrounding you is a great motivator -- good luck to you with this challenge!

  2. Good luck with the challenge!