Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feeling Better

Everyday I wake up wishing that I had a few more minutes/hours of sleep. I get up, get K up, dressed, fed and off to the bus. I then gather myself together to get ready for my day, shower, dress, coffee and off to work. Everyday is the same thing. I arrive tired and somewhat grumpy for work and the day goes down hill from there. But lately I am finding some changes to that routine. I still wish I had a little more time in the mornings to sleep and to take a little longer getting ready. But I am not so tired in the mornings, I am not so grumpy. Actually by the time I have K's cereal poured I am awake and happy. This is a huge change for me. For as far back as I can remember I have not been a morning person. I am a sleeper. Even as a small child I loved to sleep, and now to wake up happy and refreshed in the morning. What a switch.
I know that part of it has to do with the fact that I started taking my iron supplements again. My iron likes to drop into the toilet on a regular basis and until I knew what was happening and why I felt so terrible I was dealing with it as best I could. After having iron infusions last year I have been much more on top of the symptoms and taking care to remember my supplement. So I know that is part of my improved self. But the other part of it is me. I am trying to turn my frown upside down.
Really though, I am trying to be a more positive person. I am trying to see the silver lining on things that seem to look awful at first. I am trying to put the olive branch out to people that before I would have not cared about. I am really trying to be a better person/friend/mother/wife/daughter. And I think that it is helping me to be a happier person. And according to an article I read the other day people who count their blessings sleep better at night. So being happier, seeing the good things in life, counting my blessings helps me sleep better and wake up more refreshed.
It is all connected in a not so vicious cycle. I am just glad to be feeling better, to be feeling like a human being again instead of like a crazed lunatic.
What are you doing to try to feel better? Is it working??

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