Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary

This weekend is my anniversary. Sunday to be exact. So I thought that I would take this opportunity to say lots of nice things about my husband, but I won't. You see it has been my experience that whenever I say what a sweet, wonderful, thoughtful husband I have, I come home and he is a total ASS!!! So in anticipation of my anniversary weekend I will tell you that my husband is a cranky, crabby, sometimes down right pain in the ass, but he is mine and I love him.
I am glad that I married G and that we live our life and raise our kids together. I am glad every day (well most days) that I have him to come home to and that he comes home to me. He makes me laugh more than he makes me want to throw something at him. And he is a big cuddly teddy bear on cold winter nights that keeps me safe and warm. He takes care of all of us even though technically he doesn't have to, and he makes sure the boogie monster isn't hiding out in our basement (if you know me at all you know how real my fear of something in the basement is).
I am glad that I took that walk down the isle and I am proud of my husband. And mostly I love going to bed at night knowing that as much as I love him, he loves me more.

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