Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Growing Pains

It is getting so close to summer vacation, only 6 more days of school for K and then he is done for the year. Happily moving on to the second grade. I am so impressed with how much he has grown up this year and how much he has learned. He is one of the top readers in his class which is completely awesome. Since the day he came home from the hospital I have read to him almost every night before he goes to sleep and now he is reading to me. I am loving that. I am a huge reader and I love that I seem to have instilled the love in K too. Besides everything he has learned academically this year he has also grown more mature, more independent and way too tall. I can't find pants to fit his skinny little butt because he is so stinking tall. I can get them to fit the waist but not the length, thank goodness it is summer and he can wear shorts now. But the biggest change in him the year is that he has recently become a trader.
K has always been my little boy. Preferring to be wherever I am and doing whatever it is I am doing. To the point were getting any alone time was nearly impossible. He really didn't want anything to do with G, because of course that would involve work. And heaven forbid I want to leave him home and run to the store, he just had to be with me. If I forced him to stay home with G he would whine and make me feel guilty. He would consent to stay home with his brother B, but B didn't want a whole lot to do with that. That is until recently, in the last couple of weeks K has decided that G isn't so bad to spend time with after all. He sits and waits for G to get home from work so they can go outside in the pole barn and work on projects. They watch TV together, they go for rides together with brother and they go and hang out with all G's friends together. K will now even get whatever it is G needs or wants without being told. What gives? I had been wanting them to find a comfortable relationship for along time, but this? Mom just got bypassed for G! Truthfully though I am loving it. I am completely comfortable with the fact that my son still loves me but has found more boy kinda interests than helping Mom fold laundry and clean the house. He is getting to be more independent and starting to really enjoy all the things that G loves, like hunting and fishing and building stuff. Those two are now like two peas in a pod and when brother B comes around, look out cause I am at a loss.
As a side note, I am doing pretty well on looking for those silver linings I talked about yesterday. And I was really inspired when I got home last night. Inspired enough that I finally set up my work out room, complete with T.V., videos, eliptical machine and step. It made me feel so good to finally get that project done and ever more so that I used the space and worked out last night.

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