Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back on Track

I am already feeling much better since starting to get back on track. I ate better yesterday and I got in a workout. What a difference even just a few minutes of sweating makes. I got home last night and put dinner in the oven and then went outside and started mowing lawn. I took a break to eat dinner when it was ready and then headed back outside to finish mowing. I felt so good when I was done and I knew I wanted to do more exercise that I jumped on my bike and took a quick 2 mile ride. It felt great, and I was still home and showered and looking for something to do at 7:30. I had noticed on the days that I didn't do a work out that I was really bored. I don't really like to watch too much T.V. and I didn't have anything to clean, what else could I do to fill my time. I mine as well get a workout in. It makes the night go faster, it makes me feel good and sooner or later it is going to make me look good. All winning outcomes.
I am still trying to think of something yummy and quick for dinner tonight. I have a full evening on schedule and I have to make sure to get dinner in there somewhere, G is a very picky eater, so finding something easy that he will like is a trick. I am getting tired of the old stand bys and I am sure he is too. Last night we tried mushroom stuffed chicken breasts with disastrous results, it was awful. G ate his, but I could not stomach it. It sounded great, looked good, tasted much like I would expect butt would taste. So I need to redeem myself tonight. Any ideas?
Also I have to clean out K's room tonight, Grandma is visiting on Sunday and she will stay in his room, and we don't want her to trip over some random toy. I have laundry, dinner, workout, and picking up my truck from the shop tonight, all before it gets too late and I run out of steam. That and the Capri's I want to wear tomorrow are dirty so I have to get that done. I can't wait to start my evening! I just wish I could figure out a way to motivate myself to get up earlier so that I could start some of this stuff in the morning.

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