Friday, June 18, 2010

Homemade Strawberry Jam

Well last night did not work out exactly as I had was better. Gary called to ask me if we had 5 cups of sugar. That made me a little nervous, why in the world does Gary need 5 cups of sugar. As it turns out my wonderful MIL sent home strawberries for me to make Jam with. She would have made it for me, but she likes to let me try my strengths and mess up and then she swoops in and fixes everything and we appreciate her all the more for it. Well I am sure that isn't her plan exactly, she is very conscious about not stepping on my toes when it comes to taking care of my boys. She needn't worry though, I love the help she always gives, she truly is a great lady. Anyway back on track here, she sent me home strawberries to make jam with. She had them hulled and mashed and ready to go. All I had to do was add the pectin and the sugar and can them. So I did, and for the record Gary helped with adding the sugar. So that fact that I totally messed up is partially his fault since technically he added the sugar. Right? right.
So here's the thing, I spent time looking this stuff up, I must have read 10 different sites on how to can strawberry jam and they all said the same thing, so what do I do. I mess up. I add the sugar at the wrong time. In my defense the directions were not exactly clear, well or it could be that I skimmed them rather than thoroughly reading them. Anyway, although it looks pretty and tastes fantastic, it didn't exactly set up all that well. I have decided to call it strawberry syrup and not tell the kids the difference. Pancakes anyone?
Anyway, not to be defeated I am trying again tonight. I have enough strawberries left to make another batch. Keep your fingers crossed that this one sets up. And tonight I will not only read the directions, I will follow them to a T. Wish me luck.
Other than the added canning last night, the rest of the night was just as I had planned. I was even motivated enough to do all my weekend laundry last night, which is probably a good thing since our niece is getting married tomorrow and we will be busy this weekend.

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