Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great weekend, although mine started off a little shaky I am going to look at it in the best light and say it ended well at least. It started Saturday morning with G and me trying to get the lawn mowed. Well, we spend two hours just trying to get the riding mower started. It is 10 years old and we work it hard, and it never has been a great one to start, but Saturday it was awful. After 2 hours, countless tries and finally rebuilding the starter we got her to fire. G got on and rode all of about 5 feet when she blew. A big plumb of white smoke issued from under the hood and that is all she wrote. CRAP, so we spent that afternoon comparison shopping for a new mower and budgeting to be able to buy one. But G did take me out to lunch and the worst restaurant I think we have ever eaten at, but on the bright side we spent a lot of time together and we had something to laugh about later.
Sunday we spent with friends and family. We took a bike ride on the Rails to Trails, which if you don't have one is very cool, it is where old railroad tracks have been converted to bike trails. Then we went to a cook out and the Nascar race. G won 70bucks on the race which was nice since he probably spent at least 30 on his beer for the day. My Dad also reminded us that I have a push mower at my sisters that we could pick up to help with our mower issue. So we left the party, stopped by my sisters to get the lawn mower and then stopped to get some dinner.
Monday morning we got up and gave the lawn mower a tune up and proceeded to mow our 2 acres of lawn. PUSH MOWING 2 ACRES! We did it in under 2 hours and we were both hot, sweaty and tired when we were done. But we also were both kinda bursting with pride at a job well done. We had worked really well together and we were really pleased with how it looked.
So although the weekend started out with an explosion it ended with a nicely mowed lawn. And on the bright side it gave us some exercise and time in the sun, and it proved how far you can get with a little teamwork. I am actually looking forward to mowing the lawn again. And as a bonus this lawn mower didn't cost us a thing.

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  1. I'm in Michigan, too, and I love the trail systems near me. I rarely, if ever, have to run on a busy road.

    Push mowing 2 acres! Definitely bank those calories burned :)