Tuesday, June 15, 2010

carrie Made with My Cool Signs.Net

I completely stole this idea from here. But I loved it. Check it out, very fun.

Also I realize that today is True Confession Tuesday, oh where to start.
Well last week ended on a high note for things in general, but eating right and exercise went right out the window. I spent all weekend pretty much doing whatever I wanted, eating whatever I wanted and not caring in the least.
Tomorrow will be proof of this I am sure. But I don't even care at the moment, I am getting back on the wagon tonight with exercise, tomorrow with better food choices.
I am hoping that the exercise and eating better will improve my overall attitude which has been pretty lackadaisical to say the least. It isn't a bad mood, just no energy.
On the plus side I went to the doctor last week for my yearly blood draw and was told that if my iron was down I had to have a scope done! EWW, but it was fine, yeah me, and it was my B-12 that is down. Thank goodness for vitamins!

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