Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday

Sweet Success! I worked really hard this week and I am happy to report that all that hard work paid off.
I lost 4 pounds!
I know that sounds kinda crazy and a lot for one week and I know that it is not good to lose that much in a week, but I am excited anyway. I was hoping for a big number, I know that when I did WW in the past the first couple of weeks I had large losses and then it leveled off. So this is not unusual at all for me. So I have now lost a total of 6 pounds. My first mini goal. I decided to look at my goals as 5 pounds at a time instead of one big number at the end, it keeps it easier and more manageable to think, hey I only have 5 pounds to lose rather than 40!
So all the working out and counting points has really paid off, and even better I feel good. I feel stronger everyday. Things I was doing last week are just a little easier to do this week, like mowing the lawn. G has his heart set on getting the new riding mower next week and to be honest I am a little sad to be getting one. I kind of enjoy mowing the lawn, it makes me feel like I accomplished something when I am done and I like that it is a little hidden exercise for the day. I have to do it so I don't count it as part of my exercise.
So I am super excited to be starting another week. I am motivated and pleased with the results so far, although I don't expect another week like this one. I have even been giving myself little added daily tasks, like 30 crunches and 15 push-ups a day. This week I am adding 10 crunches and 5 push-ups to that. I am trying to get a little mini daily routine that I can take on vacation with me, so that I have something to stick to to make sure that I don't fall off course.
See how all the other sisters did this week! And keep up the good work everyone!


  1. Great progress!! And I love how your broke down your big goals into mini ones...I do that too! Good luck on the 5k! I'm doing the couch to 5k program and about to start week 7! I feel you on trying to get out of it (read your confession yesterday).

  2. WAY TO GO! Wow!! You've got a great strategy ~ mini-goals are definitely the way to go. Best wishes for success!!